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About Me


Carol Chow is an independent curator and researcher. She received her PhD in Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. 

With training is philosophy, communication and visual arts (specialized in photography), she is dedicated to producing curatorial work and knowledge with criticality by interrogating identity issues and the circulation and reproduction of power underpinning various forms of social relations and practices. Her curations “Voice of Tacitness: Asian Women Photography Exhibition” (2013 Liangzhou International Photography Festival 2013), “A Room with a View: Her-HongKong-stories through the Lens of Six Female Photographers” (Singapore International Photography Festival 2016), “Who Cares: Photovoice of Female Mainland Immigrants in Hong Kong” (2021) address gender inequality and the othering of female voice in historical narration. “The Wall 2019” (2019), “Pharmakon” (2021) and “Beijing_Kilometers” (2021) scrutinize the interplay of Hong Kong political subjectivity with the complex geo-political and cultural-historical forces. Carol is now board member of Hong Kong International Photography Festival. She won the emergent curator award in her debut curation. 




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