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A room with a view 

Singapore International Photography Festival 2016 Curatorial Showcase


Lam Wai Kit 

Lau Wai 

Law Yuk Mui 

Lo Yuen Man, Vyonne

Wong Wo Bik 

Yiu Miu Lai, Joe 

A room with a view explores vanishing spaces in Hong Kong through the lenses of six female photographers. Spanning photography, video and installation, the works present the photographers’ personal experiences and memories of these spaces.

The exhibition takes as its point of departure Ackbar Abbas’s text ‘Hong Kong: Culture and the politics of disappearance‘ (1997), in which he describes how buildings and spaces in Hong Kong have come to signify what no longer exists. Highlighting shifts of symbolism and power, the works show the impact of politics and urban regeneration on the physical and psychological landscape of the city. In documenting these spaces and the ways in which they have changed over time, the exhibition creates a psychogeography of Hong Kong across generations.

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